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Take a Christmas Vacation from your consumer loan payment and use the money saved to free up additional funds during the holidays. Fill out the form below to skip a loan payment today!

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TermAmounts of $1,000 - $49,999.99 Amounts of $50,000 - $99,999.99 JUMBO RATE/APY
Amounts of $100,000 +
3 Month0.80% / 0.80%0.90% /0.90%1.00% / 1.00%
6 Month1.49% / 1.50%1.59% / 1.60% 1.74% / 1.75%
9 Month2.85% / 2.89%2.95%/ 2.99%3.05% / 3.09%
12 Month (Promotional)5 4.17% / 4.25% 4.17% / 4.25% 4.27% / 4.35%
18 Month (Promotional)5 4.31% / 4.40%4.31% / 4.40%4.41% / 4.50%
24 Month (Promotional)5 4.51% / 4.60% 4.51% / 4.60% 4.65% / 4.75%
36 Month3.20% / 3.25% 3.20% / 3.25%3.35% / 3.40%
48 Month3.20% / 3.25%3.20% / 3.25%3.35% / 3.40%
60 Month3.35% / 3.40% 3.35% / 3.40% 3.59% / 3.65%
**Skip-A-Payment: Stop by Star of Texas Credit Union and fill out a form that must be signed in order to be accepted. By skipping your loan payment, you authorize Star of Texas Credit Union to defer your monthly loan payment. A fee of $25 per loan for the program will be assessed and collected as part of the deferred payment. Fees are disclosed on our Fee Schedule and subject to change at anytime. Finance charges will continue to accrue on your unpaid balance during the defferment period.  Please Note: the skip-a-payment program will extend the final loan payment for each skip-a-pay granted for the loan. Using the skip-a-payment program does not in any way alter your initial legal obligation to Star of Texas Credit Union for the debt in its entirety. Residential Mortgage/Land/Lot/Home Equity/Promotional/Smaller Dollar Loans/Credit Cards/Credit Builder/Share Secured/and Bad Debt Loans are not eligible for the program. Members accounts must be classified in “good standing” with a minimum positive balance of $25 to take advantage of this offer. The credit union receives the right to determine if prior subsequent action including (but not limited to) poor past performance may disqualify your loan from this offer. Skips cannot be consecutive and new loans must have a minimum (6) consecutive payments made on time in order to qualify for the program. Only (2) skips per loan per (12) month period with a maximum of (5) for the life of the loan are allowed. Other restrictions may apply.
***Based on creditworthiness. Terms and conditions apply. Speak with a Star of Texas CU loan officer for more details.

Christmas Vacation Skip a payment form
Skip a Payment Form