Reaching Your Financial Goals in 2023

Over half the people that made resolutions for 2023 have said they plan to prioritize finances this year. If you are someone that is making financially fitness a priority in 2023, we want to assist you in achieving your goals.


If you’re looking to buy a new house, car, or simply need a personal loan, Star of Texas Credit Union has a variety of loan options for every need!  We lend to ITIN!  If you’re struggling to find financing due to your ITIN status, look no further! Star of Texas Credit Union is unique in that we can provide financings to members who do not have a social security number. Do not let your ITIN status deter you from buying a home!


Prepare for your future with a CD or an IRA. We offer short and long term invest solutions. CD Rates as high as 4.75% APY* are still available for a limited time only. You can’t afford not to invest with these promotional CD rates.


Not all checking accounts are created the same. Many have a monthly fee tied to the number of times you use your debit card or the checking account balances. Open an Intelligent Checking account with Star of Texas Credit Union for FREE! No Monthly Fees, No Minimum Balance Requirement! Save money each month when you stop paying bank fees!


Financial experts suggest that 20% of your income should go into savings every month. Star of Credit Union offers direct deposit as an easy solution to save money without the temptation of spending. Have a portion of every paycheck put into your savings account each month with direct deposit today!

Financial Education:

In addition to the number of financial services that we offer in Austin, we also provide members with access to Financial Education.  Need to improve your credit score? Give us a call and we can discuss helpful ways to improve your score! Have financial questions regarding loans or savings? Our friendly staff are always here to help answer any of your financial questions!  Plus we are continually upgrading our services in order to provide members with online financial education.

Finances can be a major source of stress! Star of Credit Union’s goal is to help you reduce that burden by providing services and educational resources to assist our members in building a solid financial foundation. If you have questions, call us today at 1-800-258-3228.

Together Making it Possible!