Fees Schedule

Account Fees



NSF/Courtesy Pay Fee*

$33.00 Per Item

Deposited Item Return or Cashed

$15.00 Per Item

Deposited Item Returned or Cashed

$25.00 Per Item
Member check drawn on other financial institution

Overdraft Transfer

$4.00 Per Automatic Transfer

Share Account Excessive W/D**

$2.00 Per Transaction
If more than 6 withdrawal per month

Money Market Excessive W/D**

$10.00 Per Transaction
If more than 6 withdrawals per month

Christmas Club Early W/D

$10.00 Per Transaction

Single/Series of Check Stop Payment

$30.00 Per Request

Electronic Stop Payment

$35.00 Per Request

EFT Fees



ATM Transaction

$1.00 Per Transaction
(Not on Alliance)

Replacement Card Fee

$10.00 Per Card
ATM and Checkcard

ATM/Checkcard Paid Item

$33.00 Per Item

Debit Card Rush Order

$35.00 Per Card

Loan Fees



Payment Return (ACH or Check)

$27.50 Per Instance

Other Fees



Bill Pay (Inactive User Fee)^^

$3.00 Per Month

Temporary Check Printing

$2.00 Per (4) Checks

Check Order^

Varies (Actual Cost)

Statement Copy

$3.00 Per Statement

Transfer and Balance Inquiries

$1.00 Per Request
(Not Audio)

International Item Collection

$20.00 Per Check
(Check Drawn on a Foreign Institution)

Check Copy

$3.00 Per Check

Account Closing Fee

$10.00 Per Request
Savings within 90 days of open date

Account Research

$25.00 Per Hour
$25.00 Minimum Charge

 Account Closure and Reopening Fee

$25.00 Not Related to Fraud or Joint Removal 

 Monthly Paper Statement***

$3.00 Per Month 

 Legal Process

Actual Cost ($25.00 Minimum) 

 IRA Direct Custodian Transfer Fee

$30.00 Per Request 

 Verification of Deposits

$10.00 Per Request 

 Non Member Check Cashing Fee

$5.00 Per Min
Or 5% of check amount 

 Non Member Notary Fee $6.00 Per Document 
 Gift Card $5.00 Per Card 
 Account Reconciliation

$25.00 Per Hour
$25.00 Minimum 

 Drive Thru Canister Replacement

$100.00 Per Canister 

 Return Statement Fee (Bad Address)

$5.00 Per Statement 

 Cashier's Check (Member)

$5.00 Per Check 

 Cashier's Check (Non-Member)

$10.00 Per Check 

 Money Order

$1.50 Per Money Order 

 Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $15.00 Per Transfer 

Safe Deposit Box



 Key Deposit

 $25.00 Per Box
Deposit Refunded if all keys returned when box is closed


Varies (Actual Cost) 

 Lost Key

$10.00 Per Key 

2 x 5 Rental

$15.00 Per Year

5 x 5 Rental

$25.00 Per Year

Share Value

Par Value of One Share


Effective Date: October 2, 2019
* The Courtesy Pay Service is offered only to qualified members when no other form of overdraft protection is available. The Courtesy Pay Fee applies if we choose to pay an overdraft caused by a check, ATM withdrawal, check card transaction, or a withdrawal or transfer by any other electronic means.
** The Excessive Withdrawal Fee applies if you exceed six automatic or preauthorized transfers or withdrawals from a Share Account or a Money Market Savings Account per month.
***Free E-Statement.
^ The cost varies by the quantity and type of check order. Upon request, members over age 60+ will receive one free personal standard box of checks every 12 months.
^^ Bill Pay is free when actively utilized. Monthly inactivity fee of $3.00 is assessed if no payments are processed during the month.

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