We’re looking for creative thinkers, engaging personalities, and future leaders to be the face, voice, and heart of Austin’s only Latino-focused credit union.

Fax or email your application: (512) 206-0923 –

Open Full-time Positions

Full-time Benefits:

  • Matching 401(k) up to 5% of salary
  • Amazing benefits package for employee costing less than $20/month for EVERYTHING!
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Short-Term Disability
    • Long-Term Disability
    • Life Insurance
  • ALSO covering 50% of Dependents:
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
  • Paid Training and Education opportunities
    • Become a certified financial counselor
    • Licensed Notary
    • Plus much more…
  • Ability to create and implement marketing promotions
  • Community involvement opportunities
  • Work at a non-profit and make a difference in our community

Open Part-time Positions

Part-time Benefits:

  • Part-time paid internship at $9.00 per hour
  • Matching 401(k) up to 5% of salary
  • Flexible hours allow you to work around your school schedule
  • Real-World Experience
  • Great resume-building experience; secure references for future employers
  • Potential to become a certified financial counselor
  • Access to an executive mentor
  • Gain community involvement and business development experience
  • Work at a non-profit
  • Create and implement marketing promotions
  • Opportunity to apply for full-time employment upon completion of the internship