Loan Protection and Insurance

Protect your loan, your family and your credit with specialized loan protection and insurance products.

Credit Disability and Credit Life

Credit disability is a group coverage that makes monthly loan payments up to the policy maximum should the borrower become totally disabled. Payments will continue until the borrower is no longer totally disabled, dies, or the loan is paid off.

Credit life insurance is a voluntary group coverage that reduces or pays off the loan balance, up to the policy maximum, if the borrower or covered joint borrower dies. This helps you to preserve life insurance benefits for living expenses, not for paying off debts.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

With mechanical breakdown protection you can have peace of mind after your warranty is expired. It offers a competitive price and flexible protection from unexpected vehicle repairs. Coverage may also be transferred if the vehicle is sold to a private party or canceled at any time on a pro-rata basis. You can choose from varying levels of protection with various deductible options and term/mileage plans.

Broken Down Vehicle

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Guaranteed Asset Protection, otherwise known as GAP, is an affordable way to close the gap. In the case of an accident, theft, or a total loss of your vehicle, GAP will pay the difference between what the insurance pays and what the loan balance is. This will give you a clean slate for your next vehicle loan. The good news is that this coverage is only a few dollars a month which makes it very affordable and provides great peace of mind.

Wrecked Car